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Sensual Honey Feminine Wellness
Ph: 337.944.9131
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
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Enroll in Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming  45-Minute Session for just $60
Pamper yourself! You deserve to relax, unwind and let it all go, and let the steam soothe you.

Sensual Honey Feminine Wellness offers a 45 minute Yoni Steam service for only $60.00. It's the ultimate in relaxation, renewal and vagi-rejuvenation.
Goddess Spa Party
Share in the gift of feminine wellness and grab one or two for your mother, sister, aunt, or friend. Makes a great Valentine's Day, Birthday, Wedding, Honeymoon,  and Mother's Day gift! Share this special gift of holistic sensual health with someone you love. Let that someone be you.
Goddess Package $159
Complete Goddess Package $159
Sweet Yoni Steaming Herbal Blends
Here's to Your Vaginal Health
Yoni Vaginal Steaming At Home Guide
Jade Yoni Egg
Carnelian Yoni Eggs
Clear Quartz Yoni Egg
Rose Yoni Egg
African Jade Yoni Egg
Yoni Eggs - $59.99 s/h
Sweet Yoni Steam
Herbal Blend - $39.99 s/h
Yoni Vaginal Steaming At Home Guide
Learn the Ancient Art of Yoni Steaming
Don't miss your opportunity to learn all about Yoni (vaginal) Steaming Sensual Honey Feminine Wellness. Join us for Sistahood, healing and transformation.
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LMW Academy
Ph: 337.944.9131
We provide Ancient Herbal Steam Infusions for Women through vaginal
steaming in a comfortable holistic spa environment
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