Rose Quartz
African Jade
is known as the crystal gemstone for unconditional love and peace. It will help you to attract love. It restores trust, harmony and forgiveness. It's an excellent choice if you are recovering from a lost love, or experiencing grief. This gemstone replaces negativity with loving vibes of healing. It's a nurturing energy that resonates, well with the body. It stimulates the heart Chakra. (medium, undrilled)
is an excellent gemstone for abundance and manifestation. It increases self-confidence. Its vibrational pattern helps with motivation and becoming pro-active in getting one's goals met. This gemstone encourages prosperity, emotional healing, and cultivate sexual energy. It helps one get focused on achieving your goals. It stimulates the Heart Chakra. (medium, undrilled)
cleanses your aura and transmute negative energy. It stimulates the Crown Chakra and awakens your third eye, psychic gifts, and intuition. It helps with reducing over indulgence, and addiction. Amethyst helps to increase focus and a higher state of awareness, and promotes emotional centering.  (medium, undrilled)
is know to enhance creativity, passion, courage and purpose. It brings good things to one in difficult times. It encourages fertility and attraction. Helps with pre-menstrual and pre-menopausal symptoms. Carnelian stimulates your Sacral Chakra. It increases proactivity, energy and balance,  and relieves depression. (medium, undrilled)
Clear Quartz
balances the nervous system and connects the mind, body, and soul for its highest level of healing. It absorbs, regulates, releases, stores and unblocks stagnant energy. It's an amazing gemstone/crystal that enhances psychic ability, and attunes you with your spiritual purpose. Clear Quartz helps to cleanse karmic debris, and stimulate the Crown Chakra. It awakens and facilitates spiritual transmissions. Its a spiritual receptor. (medium, undrilled)