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Yoni Relationship
Womb Journaling, Prayer,  Meditation  and Yoni Yoga are available every 3rd Sunday at Sensual Honey Feminine Wellness.
Womb Relationship
Believe it or not your soul purpose is located in your womb. Womb Journaling helps you to build on your relationship with yourself.

Use your Womb Journal to find patterns in your life, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and your womb health. Enjoy your Yoni Diary and release your method of personal transformation through Womb Journaling.
relationship with your womb
You will begin to recognize your womb has a personality. Ask her questions such as, “How are you feeling today? The womb is so much more than just the place in which physical life is created, nurtured and brought forth into the world. Not only is human life conceived and grows within the womb, but so are your innermost dreams and desires.
Womb Journaling gives your womb a voice. When choosing a journal choose a journal that speaks to you. Hold your hand over your womb and ask her, “What do you like?” Maybe it’s a journal that has a cover with bold, vibrant colors, lined paper, inserts, or big blank pages. She may choose a small or large book. It’s all about how you flow when your womb says go.
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Relationship with your womb
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