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Now you can learn Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming for Self Care: Awaken the Goddess Within from the comforts of your home. We are so proud of all the work we put into this course. We created it with you in mind!

Our Love My Womb Academy Online curriculum is self paced and a hands on interactive training for personal womb care.

Enroll in our premium online 16 module  educational course before May 31, 2017 and get 25% off the original price! That's how much we love it! Use code "LOVEMYWOMB25"

You will also receive a BONUS video to take your self care to the next level, as a FREE gift!
These are just some of the modules you'll receive with your online course...

Woman, Your Womb & Fertility
Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming
Goddesses & The Elements
Sacred Sexuality and more...

Yoni Steaming for Self Care Online Course can be used as a prerequisite for any of our Yoni Steaming Practitioners Training and Business Courses that's on location in Atlanta, Georgia. Our next Yoni Steaming Practitioners Training is
Friday, June 23-25, 2017.
Sensual Self-Care
Self care is the best care! Join a community of women who are passionate about their womb health. Enroll in Love My Womb Academy Online Yoni Steaming for Self Care Course Today! Make the investment, and invest in YOU!
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We provide Ancient Herbal Steam Infusions for Women through vaginal
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Enroll in our premium online 16 module educational course before May 31, 2017 and get 25% off  the original price! That's how much we love it! Learn more.....
Where we are raising the consciousness of the Divine Feminine, and the vibration of humanity through the sacred art and holistic care in womb health, feminine wellness and sensual healing, one womb at a time.
Program Overview

Love My Womb® Academy provides classes, training, workshops, events, and certifications in the ancient and sacred art of Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming, womb health, feminine wellness, and sensual pleasure for empowerment. Our Certified Yoni Steam Practitioners are Ordained Spiritual Healers, and Feminine Health and Wellness Consultants.

With over a decade of lecturing and teaching experience we continue to develop tutorials, on location classes, online courses, and comprehensive workshops that help women live more fulfilling personal and professional lives. Love My Womb® Academy continues to expand this tradition with a series of interactive lessons for personal healing, professional growth, and transformation.
Why enroll in the Love My Womb Academy?

We are the leading Yoni (Vaginal) Steam Practitioners, Womb Wellness Workers, and Feminine Health and Wellness Consultants in the industry. Our Yoni (Vaginal) Steam Practitioners become ordained *Womb Ministers of Health and Healing,* and are members of the Sacred Yoni Alchemist Association
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*Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming for Self Care
*Yoni (Vaginal) Steam Practitioners Certification
*Holistic and Heart Centered Business Course
*Feminine Health and Wellness Consultant
*Womb Health, Intake and Assessment
*Herbal Therapies
*Herbs and Food as Medicine
*Womb Stimulation, and Activation
*Castor Oil and Mud Clay Packs
*Crystal Healing and Yoni Eggs
*Hot Stone Therapy
*Goddess Spiritual Principles
*Fertility and Natural Birth Control
*Womb Disease, Imbalance, and Trauma
*Ancestral and DNA Imprints
*Holistic Sexuality, and Orgasmic Pleasure
*Organic Love Making
*Healthy Relationships
*Sexual Trauma, and Healing
*Radical Forgiveness, and more

**Courses are subject to change
We teach you how to start your very own signature based, heart-centered, Yoni Steaming business, or incorporate Yoni (vaginal) Steaming into your already existing business. Be the first to bring Womb Health, Holistic Feminine Wellness and Yoni Steaming to the women in your community, and area.

Register For One Of Our Classes Today!
Register for the Love My Womb Academy
Here's your opportunity to become certified in Yoni Steaming, Womb Health, and Feminine Wellness, and increase the energy of our Divine Feminine. Why wait? We will teach you how to start your very own signature based, heart-centered, Yoni Steaming business.
+Who Is LMW Academy for?

*For women who desire to learn more about Yoni (Vaginal) Steaming, womb health and healing. For women who desire to heal their wombs, and become a part of a Sisterhood, and create and return support in assisting other Sisters.

*For compassionate women who desire to take on the responsibility of raising the vibration of humanity through womb care.

*For those women who desire to create a heart centered business, and learn about herbal therapies that help to heal and support womb issues, challenges and trauma for happier, holistic lives.

+How much does LMW Academy cost?

It varies depending on what course you choose to enroll in, and if your class attendance is on location, live webinar, or e-course self paced.

+What's your refund policy?

There are no cash refunds. If you can no longer attend desired class because of unforeseen circumstances we will apply a cash credit for another course, and/or in exchange for product. Cash refunds will only be honored if class has been canceled by Love My Womb Academy or Sensual Honey Feminine Wellness.

+How exactly do I access the trainings?

You may access training in person, or online. Upon payment you will receive instructions, and/or codes by way of email communication and telephone.

+What topics will you cover?

Refer to Love My Womb® Academy Curriculum.

+What if I miss a live training?

If you miss a training whether in person, a live webinar, or an e-course you will have the opportunity to attend the next training, or receive a class recording.

+Non Discrimination Policy

Love My Womb® Academy does not discriminate against person with disabilities, race, religion, political affiliation or beliefs. We are not a religious organization, and we don’t promote religious belief. We are an institute of learning and honor those who desire our services without discrimination.

+Termination of Services

Love My Womb® Academy, and Sensual Honey Feminine Wellness holds the authority, and the right to refuse to provide service and terminate immediate service to anyone based on erratic, racist, extremely religious, radical, misogynist, and violent behavior.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Have questions regarding our Academy? Contact us via email at enroll@lovemywombacademy.com or call us at 337.944.9131. You can also reach us on facebook or use our handy form below.
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We are raising our womb vibrations to heal our nation! Sistahood, Education, Healing and Transformation are what we promote at Love My Womb Academy. Here's a little somethin, somethin, to get you started.
Learn and earn the Goddess Steam Way!
Sistahood, Education, Healing & Transformation