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Sensual Honey Feminine Wellness
Ph: 337.944.9131
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Sensual Honey Feminine Wellness is a holistic health and feminine health and wellness provider.  We are not physicians and do not claim to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any condition or disease. In these cases, consult your physician.
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Tracey R. Bryant
Tracey Bryant-Swint
Anything we are serious about means we must invest time, energy, money and commitment. Why not invest in your health in 2018?  Call me at 337.944.9131 for your FREE womb wellness consultation. I'll be happy to speak with you. Let's do this together.
Fibroids NO More - Session 1
Saturdays at 6 am PST, 8 am CST, & 9 am EST
January 6th, - February 17, & March 24, 2018
Those who desire to live fibroid free, and have experienced and completed the program have proven that with this holistic lifestyle change, alkaline foods, herbal supplements, Yoni Steaming, crystals, meditations, teas, tonics and our support calls, and the tools that we share will help you to release these toxic tumors from your womb, and the discomfort from your body in a holistic and natural way without surgery and/or medication.

Are you committed?
The Fibroids NO More Program is regular priced at $397 however, if you choose and purchase your program session before January 1, 2018 you will get the full program for a personal investment of only $297!

Yes! All of those sweet, detox, goodies, personal and group coaching and support, teas, tonics, meditations, self love rituals and more for only $297 and the best part is
Poof, Fibroids Be Gone!
Fibroids No More
"I thank you Ms.Tracey for the "Fibroids NO MORE" Program. I started in January of this year, and I have no more painful periods. I was scared that I was going to have to have surgery. They had grown in size within 4 years. Now, the fibroids have reduced in size and are just about gone. My doctor finally said, after offering me several attempts at surgery, that whatever I'm doing to keep doing it. I'm going to continue the health regimen she provided. I feel so much better. I felt ashamed but she helped me to feel comfortable in taking care of my stuff. (She says take care of my shit! LOL) I feel alive. I'm making love again. There's no more unsavory smell coming from my vagina. The program works. It worked for me! I feel so empowered!"

- Melissa C. - Washington D.C.
Are You Ready?

Are you ready to help her (your womb) release these mucus filled tumors that have no healthy presence in your life and remove them from your uterine walls? If so, you need our "FIBROIDS NO MORE" Release and Healing Program.
Tired of living with fibroids?

You don't have to! Our Fibroids NO MORE Program  has helped women find comfort and let go of their root causes.

Fibroids are benign, compact tumors that are made of smooth muscle cells and fibrous connective tissue that develop in the uterus. They are full of toxins, mucus and puss. I know it's sounds nasty! In truth it is!

Fibroids can be present for years without any symptoms.
Some women who are experiencing fibroids experience
symptoms such as  prolonged or heavy menstrual
bleeding, pelvic pressure, bloating and/or pain, and, in some
cases, reproductive dysfunction.
Womb Journaling
I can guarantee you that if you have fibroids, they are a result of unreleased, pinned up emotional trauma that you are, and have experienced at some point in your life, and guess what? You are carrying it. You are carrying it like a baby. Your womb is trying her best to release this negative source of stagnant energy but she needs your help!
Sensual Honey Feminine Wellness
We Provide Ancient Herbal Steam Infusions For Women Through Vaginal
Steaming In A Comfortable Holistic Spa Environment
Program includes a Bunch of Good Stuff:

One on one personal intake and assessment
Closed webinar meetings once a month for 3 months.
Each participant gets a one on one womb health and feminine wellness coaching.
Yoni Steam Herbal Blend for Fibroids
Yoni Steam Seat for Vaginal Steaming
Guide on How To Yoni Steam From Home
Feminine health and wellness regimine
Dietary and nutritional guidelines for womb health
Sensual Honey Sweet Yoni Tea for fibroid release
Yoni Detox Pearls (3 rounds w/ instructions)
Herbal Supplements, Minerals and Anti-oxidants to regulate bleeding, hormonal imbalance and estrogen
Meditations for stress release and metaphysical shifts
Deep breathing exercises
Spiritual baths
Crystal healing
Self love rituals
Support and more
Sweet Yoni Steam Herbal Blend
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The Original Sweet Yoni Tea
LMW Academy
Ph: 337.944.9131
Ph# 337-944-9131

Need time to pay but want to take advantage of our special offer? Call us 337.944.9131 and let's get you a payment plan. Don't allow another day to go by with these fibroids living on and inside your womb and not do anything about it! Release the pain, the blockage, and the poison and say...

Fibroids NO More - Session 2
Saturdays at 6 am PST, 8 am CST, & 9 am EST
April 14, - May 12, & June 16, 2018
Fibroids NO More - Session 3
Saturdays at 6 am PST, 8 am CST, & 9 am EST
July 7, - August 4, & September 8, 2018
Fibroids NO More - Session 4
Saturdays at 6 am PST, 8 am CST, & 9 am EST
October 7, - November 3, & December 1, 2018